JW Aluminum Company Overview

Founded in Mt. Holly, South Carolina in 1979 as Jim Walter Metals, a single-facility operation with only 10 employees,
the company focused on producing cast aluminum coils used in home building and construction applications. 
From those humble beginnings, JW Aluminum has grown considerably.

With four aluminum mills throughout the country, we produce a wide range of top-quality flat rolled aluminum products, including:

  • Building and Distributor Sheet
  • Fin Stock
  • Cable Wrap
  • Lithographic Sheet (grade I and grade III)
  • Auto Foil and Auto Sheet for Automotive Heat Shields
  • Honeycomb Foil
  • Flexible Packaging Products

With a list of satisfied customers around the globe and a reputation for excellent service and quality, JW Aluminum is committed to constant improvement through innovation, efficiency and customer service.