From its good looks and precise edges, to its high strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion, aluminum is the perfect material for a variety of building product applications. At JW Aluminum, our products go into every sector of this large market—including roofing, window framing, aluminum siding, doors and framing—providing cost-effective, environmentally responsible solutions with superior durability and minimal upkeep.

Our aluminum sheet is made from 1100, 3105 and 7072 alloys in gauges between .00725 and .063. We also have slitting capabilities to meet many width requirements. We supply products in Aluminum Association tempers H14 through H19, H24 through H26 and H28.
aluminum building sheet

Value Added Aluminum Building Products

Lightweight, durable and adaptable, architects and builders know the value of using aluminum in their designs and construction. Aluminum provides endless design options and possibilities as well as superior acoustic and thermal performance, not to mention enhanced energy efficiency.

We at JW Aluminum are committed to providing the metal quality you need to design and construct specialized structures with aluminum.
aluminum building sheet gutters and downspouts

Building Sheet

Exceptional flatness, burr-free edges and precision gauge control are what have given us our reputation as a world-class producer of aluminum sheet. Used in a wide variety of applications from soffits and fascia to rain gutters and downspouts to ducts, louvers and vents, aluminum sheet must meet the exact specifications of its end product.

That's why at JW Aluminum, we take great measures to ensure the precision of our aluminum sheet. From laser flatness scanning to x-ray gauge control, you can rest assured that we will deliver a customer designed aluminum sheet product that meets your needs.
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End use applications for our aluminum sheet include roofing, siding, gutters and downspouts, soffits and fascia.