JW Aluminum Announces the Closure of its Plant in St. Louis, Missouri

January 21, 2020

It is with regret JW Aluminum announces plans to close its foil plant located in St. Louis, Missouri on May 30th, 2020. 

JW Aluminum acquired the St. Louis facility from Alcoa in 2004 when Chinese imports of foil represented less than one percent of the total aluminum market. Since that time, Chinese imports of foil grew to almost a quarter of the market, largely due to China's unfair trade practices. This surge in Chinese imports resulted from government-supported, massive overcapacity in China to produce aluminum and aluminum products. China’s exports of large and increasing volumes of these products have disrupted markets in the United States and throughout the world.

"This outcome is one we all worked diligently to prevent. However, even with multiple tariffs and duties now in place, it hasn't been enough to overcome the devastating effects of China's market-distorting behavior," says Lee McCarter, Chief Executive Officer at JW Aluminum.

The closure will affect 190 teammates in St. Louis. "We understand the impact this will have on our teammates and their families. We will support all of our teammates through this difficult time and are working to provide the best possible result under these unfortunate circumstances.” 

“The decision about St. Louis is a difficult one. Strategically, it is an important step for JW Aluminum to maintain a healthy and robust US manufacturing presence in the decades to come. JW Aluminum will continue to be a leading supplier of American-made flat rolled aluminum products.”

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