Tips and Tricks

What do I do if my Check in/Check out button does not appear?
  • Always make sure you're on Workday-Guest Wi-Fi FIRST before opening the app
  • If you're sure you're on Workday-Guest Wi-Fi, and you still can't see your Check in/Check out button:
  • Go to Settings on your Workday app
  • Sign out, and then sign back in 
  • Go to Time Tracking and the Check in/Check out button should appear
  • If that still does not work close down the application (typically by sliding it off the screen for iPhones)
  • Restart the app and that should correct the issue

Why won't it let me submit my time?

  • You have to be checked out BEFORE you submit your time. 
  • If it still won't allow you to, sign out, and then sign back in.