Investing in technology to improve molten metal quality


JW Aluminum identified the need to quantify inclusion loads in its molten metal in order to deliver higher quality products to our customers. The inclusion detection system had to be able to identify and quantify potential sources of inclusion related defects as well as the benefits from process improvements.A paper JW Aluminum submitted to The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society describes the validation of principle and measurements made before the final decision to invest in a MetalVision MV20/20 ultrasonic inclusion analyzer. Written by JW Aluminum's Ph.D. Metallurgist Dawid Smith and Melting Process Engineer Brett Hixon in conjuntion with Hugh Mountford and Ian Sommerville from MetalVision, the paper also discusses the initial practical experience after purchasing the system. Click here to request the complete paper.

Basic Components of MetalVision MV20/20 Inclusion Analyzer


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